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Using press release templates can save you time and money. A template will eliminate the tedious process of writing a single letter and getting an inaccurate finished product. A well-written, professionally written press release can have a huge impact on a business. There are several guidelines for writing a good press release. However, these guidelines do not provide all the specific details on how to write a great press release.

It is recommended that you use one of the many professional templates available online. A good template or checklist can give the writing process the continuity needed to make sure all details are included. And even though other changes to follow best practices may be recommended, each press release should still contain the following: Keywords. These should be the main focus of your release.

Key Elements of a Press Release Template

Headlines. The headline is a critical element because this is what people first see in search results. Your headline should immediately tell readers what your newsworthy event is. This is why writing guidelines suggest using the most buzzed-about words and phrases. This may be time-consuming and difficult to do if you do not follow writing guidelines for making catchy headlines.

Body. The body of your press release examples should tell readers more about the subject of your newsworthy event. The first paragraph, the bylines, and the last paragraph are all important aspects of the body.

Introduction. Introductions are the second most important part of any news release. A short introductory paragraph and a byline are all that good writing guidelines recommend for writing an introduction for new product releases. This gives readers an idea of who you are, what you do, and your mission. Following this, your other sentences can add more details and information about your company, products, or services.

Second paragraph. Following the introduction, your second paragraph should contain facts about your business, products, or services that best practices for writing content marketing would recommend. Make sure that you do not repeat information already present in your press release templates.

Other Necessary Factors For Press Release Document

Call to Action. The call to action is usually what separates good writing from mediocre writing. It is usually linked to a solution to a particular problem and presents you as an expert in the particular area of the event. Best writing guidelines for a web press release indicate placing your call to action at the end of your introductory paragraph so that readers will not feel bogged down following lengthy paragraphs.

Wrap Up. After your introduction, your second paragraph and call to action will summarize your ideas about the solution to a particular problem and present you as a solution giver to a particular problem. The third paragraph should summarize and conclude your thoughts. Following best writing guidelines for web press releases, your concluding paragraph should summarize your ideas about how readers should proceed after reading your web template.

Include Quotes. A well-written piece of writing does not begin or end with a quote; in fact, a good piece of writing makes full use of quotes. While writing a press release, make sure to include quotes from experts in your field who can corroborate your point about your business or service. Moreover, to emphasize your point, include quotes from reputable sources.

In your introductory paragraph, you may give an address, phone number, and email address for your preferred contact person to reach you in case there are questions or other concerns. Make sure to include a way for readers to contact you with any further questions. Your contact information is also an effective way to set the tone for your web press release.

First Word or Phrase of the Press Release

Although it may seem like a simple thing to include the first sentence as the headline of your web press release, you need to remember that the first words or phrases in a headline can make all the difference. The first few words of your headline act as lures to get people reading it. Make sure your first sentence has an impact.

Be Direct. No matter how qualified your journalists are, they will most likely ask for clarification or an interview at some point of time during the writing process. As such, be direct and don’t leave your contact information out. If you have questions, answer them. You don’t need to provide your contact information until they write about it on their blog.

Free Press Release Templates

Here you can get free samples of the Press Release Templates from this website.

Here is the accessible sample of the Press Release template. You can use this helpful form to submit an announcement to your local newspaper about upcoming events in your organization.

Press Release Template 03....


Use this press release document to announce any type of event, be it a fashion, restaurant, art, or sports engagement. The template gives a sample copy that you can edit to introduce your event as clearly and concisely as possible.

Press Release Template 01...


Get this free sample of the Press Release to create an announcement for the upcoming event, party, or other within the organization. However, it comes exclusively in MS Word format which you can get in a zip file by clicking the download button below.

Press Release Template 02....


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